5 Tips to Pick the Right Paint Colour for Your Bedroom

Paint Colour
Image Source: Pexel

If you have a plan to redecorate your bedroom you have to do a lot of planning and set a clear budget before getting into the task.

One of the things that include changing the look of your bedroom is by painting it. Hence, you have to choose a suitable colour of paint that matches the whole atmosphere of your bedroom. Keep reading to know how you can select that apt paint colour that best fits your bedroom area.

1. Check how your bedroom is positioned

This is one of the first things you need to do when selecting a paint colour for your bedroom. It is due to the fact the temperature and the lighting of your room are based on the direction your room is facing.

Therefore, depending on the direction your room is facing select an appropriate paint colour accordingly such as a yellow shade. If your room has less lighting and a blue shade for if your room is quite lighted up during the daytime.

You can also go for neutral colours if that is what you prefer and choose a pale pink colour to brighten up your space a little more and a suitable neutral grey if your space gets a lot of sunlight.

2. Decide based on your personality type

Your bedroom is a space you would prefer to have some personal time for yourself. Thus, your bedroom needs to be painted in a manner that complements who you are.

So, if you are a morning person, you would like to have more brightness around you. As a result, you can choose a brighter colour of paint for your bedroom wall to feel the morning vibe. On the other hand, if you are a night person, you can choose a comparatively darker colour like smoky blue.

Image Source: Pexel

3. Seek a professional’s help

Although painting your bedroom wall may sound easy. Choosing the appropriate colour can be a tedious task especially when you want to choose a unique colour. In this case, you may get the assistance of someone who has the expert knowledge to help you choose a suitable paint colour.

Hence, you can go to a paint store and consult the salespeople about what to do. This is because those individuals will have a lot of experience in selecting paint colours for interiors, designs, and theories about colours.

You can share your ideas and opinions with them and they will assist you in selecting the right colour of paint.

4. Look for inspirations

Another way to choose the best paint colour for your room. It is by checking out some images of inspiration on the internet.

You can easily type and search on Google and there will be several pictures that can catch your attention. Another popular choice is Interest in which you can pin images of rooms and finally select the best one out of the lot.

5. Match with your bedroom furniture

Apart from choosing the paint colour by determining your room’s lighting, temperature, and many other factors as mentioned above. Another smart way of selecting the right paint colour is by checking if it matches the furniture in your bedroom.

You can do this by simply colouring a piece of cardboard with your desired paint colour and holding it alongside your bedroom furniture. If what you choose matches well, you can proceed or you may explore other colour options.