6 Great House Warming Gift Ideas

Image Source: Unsplash

Moving into a home is a process, the packaging, storing and sorting out of items takes time and a lot of energy. However, if you are excited about moving in the process is quite thrilling. Especially if you are moving in to your own new place or have just got married and starting life together.

However, gifting someone something for his or her new home is quite a process too. If you know someone who is moving in to a new home and have to now think of a house-warming gift that is practical as well as unique here are some ideas that we think bridge the gap of useable yet thoughtful.


Bedding, towels, tablecloths and any other form of linen are unique ideas to gift someone as a house-warming present. When people move into a house they usually start off with the basics and collect new items over the years. Therefore, gifting them with things they may not have and can use immediately is practical and thoughtful too.

It makes it easier if you have an idea of what colours or interiors, they have so that your gift can match the existing interiors. Everyone loves comfortable bedding so if you are looking for bed sheets online Australia has many good online stores that offer a range of bedding in different materials, textures and sizes. They deliver too so that makes gifting it much easier and convenient.

Image Source: Unsplash


When we say ornaments, we do not mean those extremely bulky or out of place items that is inconvenient and awkward. There are many types of small, unique and sentimental ornaments that someone would love to have in their home. Depending on the person’s likes you can gift them photo frames, lamps, bedroom décor or even carpets and rugs. These are the types of ornaments that can be kept for a long time and offer some sort of value to the home.

Kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment are handy whether you have just moved in or have been living in a house for a decade. You can never go wrong with gifting someone kitchen equipment. Gas cookers, blenders, pots and pans or something as simple as cups and plates are much appreciated. You can try gifting them a set of crockery and cutlery designed to suit their style. Personalized mugs and plates too hold sentimental value and can be used for a long time.


Gifting someone vouchers might seem like the easy way out of having to choose something but it can be beneficial at times. Vouchers give them the option to buy something they prefer instead of being gifted something they cannot use.

This idea works great if you are not sure what their style or needs are. You can gift the vouchers from a range of different stores from home ware, furnishings, utensils and anything creative. This idea also works great for a group gift that can be split among a group of people.