A Healthy Guide to Maintaining A Proper Posture

Healthy Guide
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When it comes to maintaining our bodies healthy guide, the one thing we all often fall behind in is our posture. Although we’re conscious about it and want to have a good posture, we hardly put the effort into it. Maintaining good posture isn’t just about looking smart, it’s about taking care of your health and body as a whole. Not having a proper posture could misalign your entire skeleton system starting from your backbone and rocket you into a depth of pain.

Being Mindful

Being mindful is of core importance when it comes to wanting a good posture. It applies to your everyday activities, such as reading, watching TV, chores, etc. It is because of our lack of awareness that we usually tend to slump or forget to keep our backs straight. Be aware of what you’re doing, your position and you’re feeling. Readjust if you become aware of your bad posture or a certain pain due to it. It is being mindful that is the first step when it comes to maintaining a good posture and it is a good and healthy start.

Neck, Shoulders and Back

As often told, a good posture is one where your ears align with your shoulder and your back kept straight. This minimizes the damages and strain in your spinal cord and keeps your posture well balanced. Attending physiotherapy does wonders when it comes to maintaining a healthy posture. Going to a good back or neck physio expert could help ease the long-term effects of a hunched back and even help eliminate a bad posture for good. It could improve your flexibility and help relax your muscles. 

Healthy Guide
Image Source: Unsplash

Sit Upright

This is something most of us forget to keep in mind. It’s the easiest and effective habit of all. Maintaining an appropriate and upright sitting position helps your posture immensely, especially when it comes to working in front of computer or using the phone.

We usually slouch or sit in a state that often ends up with a hurting back. This can be easily remedied by following certain requirements such as using the appropriate chair and surface level according to your height to avoid straining you neck and back, using footrest and armrests and even to avoid sitting for long periods at a stretch without a break in between.   

Exercise and Yoga

If you think that these have less to do with posture and more to do with weight and meditation, then you cannot be more wrong. Building a good and healthy exercise routine can definitely be of help when it comes to maintaining your posture. 

So does yoga. They help strengthen and build your core muscles and avoid you from slouching or hunching. It helps your body maintain a certain sense of relief from all the spasms and give your body the balance it needs in order to hold a good posture.

We often don’t take care of our posture. But the more you neglect it, the worse the effects. So do take care of your posture as it’s a lot more important than just looking smart.