Clothing Issues that May Bother Your Baby

Image Source: Pexels

Babies can have a lot of problems in their first couple of months in this world they are brought into. In case you didn’t know, problems with clothing can be one of the most common reasons why babies get cranky and even end up crying.

Thus, one of the first things you would want to check for in a upset baby, in addition to wet diapers or signs of hunger, is a problem in her clothing. Here are some of the clothing factors that can bother a baby.

Fabric and Textures

Yes, fabrics and textures do matter! It is not only possible allergies to some fabrics that you might need to worry about when it comes to baby clothing, but also the general effect that certain fabrics and textures can have on babies. Rough or thick fabric for instance, may not be the best for your bub.

The ideal clothing would be light and airy, and super gentle on your little one. This does not necessarily mean you need to resort to boring clothes for your bub. You certainly can get one of those super cute baby denim jackets that you have been eyeing since long. Just make sure they are made from soft and light denim fabric that is just right for your bub!


Certain clothing styles can bother a baby, too. Some babies may just not be okay with long sleeves orChinese collars, or front buttons, and you may never even know the reason! In such cases, you may need to figure what your little one finds him/herself comfortable in, and simply opt for the respective styles and types, whether you like it or not! If front buttons aren’t working for the baby, consider switching to zipped suits!

Image Source: Pexels


Clothing that are too small or too large can both irritate your bub in a way you wouldn’t imagine! Getting clothing that is just the right size is important. It is true that most mums prefer getting them a little bigger so they can use them longer.

This isn’t a bad idea. However, it can only be done with certain clothing types, like onesies, shorts and pants for instance. Clothing like sleep suits, little jackets and caps may need to fit the baby perfectly in order for them to feel comfortable. 


You may have seen so many of those adorable baby outfits, particularly those meant for occasions, that you want to get for your little one, too! Most of these occasion wear can come with accessories attached to them – perhaps a little belt, a bow, or simply anything cute. However, not all babies would like the feeling of things dangling down their outfits. In other words, it actually is possible that your restless baby simply wants that little pink ribbon off her chest!


Your baby may unconsciously have her favourite clothing brand already. This obviously isn’t like what you think it is! Instead, it simply could be that a certain brand has the most desired level of quality and comfort that your bub truly enjoys, which she naturally tends to get familiar with, and, well, sort of wouldn’t settle for anything less!