How Do You Improve Air Flow in A Home?

Image Source: Pexel

As a homeowner, you want the best for your property. One of the things that could be affecting your quality of life is the air in your home. It needs to be clean and have a continuous flow. We talked about 5 ways you can ensure one is always present.

Open Your Windows

Your home may have many windows, but you’re not making use of them. Once you’ve opened them up, there’d be more air in your home. However, you may not be letting it move throughout your property. You need to open doors as there’ll be a continuous airflow created.

Of course, be mindful of when you keep them open. If it’s warm outside, you’ll be letting warm air enter, making things more uncomfortable for you. There would be a similar effect if it’s cold outside.

Turn on Fan

Fans are your best friends. Although they don’t reduce the temperature of a space, they keep a constant air-flow moving. That’ll help with your breathing if you live in a smaller home. The circulation of hot-and-cold air would also make you reach for the thermostat less. Who wouldn’t want to reduce their utility bills?

Image Source: Pexel

Look at Your Vents

If your property has vents, you’re letting air move freely. That being said, this is not the case if they are full of dust. Unless you check them, you might not know this. You could snag an anemometer and make note of the air current being produced.

When getting vents cleaned, make sure you do them periodically. This would not only improve airflow, but you’ll be able to breathe better. There would be much less dust clogging your nostrils.


Plants are great! Not only are they easy to pick up, but they improve the appearance of your space too. You don’t have to be a science major to know that they take in Carbon Dioxide, and put out Oxygen. This would leave a continuous flow of clean, fresh air in the vicinity. That being said, be mindful of the number of plants you own. Too many would cause the space to get humid. Then again, dehumidifiers exist for a reason.

Get an AC

Similar to how plants work, ACs clean the air in a room. No, they don’t put out oxygen. However, they come with filters that tend to the air that passes through. This would leave your home with clean air. Make sure that you maintain them regularly, though. If dust gets collected, it might be projected into the air that’s being released.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to improving the airflow in a home, you’ll never run out of things that you could do. Although we discussed 5, there are many out there. The easiest would be to open up the windows in your home. This would allow air to enter and exit, creating a continuous cycle. Something else that is super easy is having plants throughout your vicinity. They’d basically filter the air that’s in your home, putting out anything unwanted.