How To Decide What to Wear

image source: pexels

We may come across many different occasions that would require us to wear different types of clothing. What we would wear for a wedding might not be suitable for a funeral. Similarly, what you would wear for a funeral might not be suitable for a birthday party.

The first thing to look for

The first thing to do when you have to go somewhere is to see the type of clothes that could be worn and is usually worn. It is a good idea to do a little bit of searching and other people who may have attended similar events before. For example, if you have a funeral to attend it’s good to do a background check as some cultures mostly wear while for funerals and some cultures prefer black.

Having this knowledge and understanding might also help you to release some of your nervous energy you have with regards to what to wear for the event. Afterwards, select many options from and arrange them in a way you could see them all at the same time.

If that is not possible, taking pictures and comparing them from the phone could be done. This process will be easier if the invitation has a particular dress code mentioned. But not having that also gives you the liberty to choose what to wear.

Choosing the final outfit

Then, you can select the clothing you would wear from the items you had selected. You may decide this based on the colour, shape and size of the clothing. For example, if it is a wedding and you have previously worn a blue outfit for a wedding you could use this chance to wear an outfit of a different colour. 

It would be better to consider your body type and the outfits that would complement them. For example, a body con dress is recommended for an hourglass figure but not an apple shaped figure. Having an understanding of the body types and the types of clothes that go with them would help you in this process.

Always good to have a second opinion

One you have decided on an option, going for a second opinion can be done. While you should be the one deciding what you would ultimately wear, getting a second opinion on the outfit you selected may help you make the best decision and avoid wardrobe malfunctions. 

If you are unable to find someone for a second opinion, don’t worry you can hold the outfit in front of the mirror or possibly wear it and have a good look at yourself. You can even take a picture and look at yourself or send it to someone else for a second opinion. 

Things to add to your outfit

While these are some steps you could follow when deciding what to wear it should also be reminded that there are certain things that you could add to your outfit to improve its look. For example, scarves and jackets are some items you can pair with many outfits. You may be able to find many scarves and jackets for women in different colours in almost every store.

There is always a next time

Knowing what to wear is a skill that every human being should have as it could be extremely helpful when leading our day-to-day lives. While there may be certain instances where we might not be able to or not have taken the best decision, it’s also important to know that there is always a next time and you can always learn.