Must-Have Post Workout Recovery Tools

Post Workout Recovery
Image Source: Unsplash

Recovery is an important part of a workout routine. After giving it you’re all at the gym, your muscles need some time to recover before you could repeat and workout again. Aside from rest, proper nutrition also plays a huge role in boosting your recovery in between workout sessions.

However, simply those two things aren’t enough if you want to speed up your muscle recovery. There are certain items that you could use to help you through your post-workout recovery. Whether it is a whole-body workout or just leg day, here are the must-have items you’ll need to speed up your post-workout recovery.

Therapeutic Sleeves

Hot and cold therapy is greatly beneficial in the speedy recovery of your muscles after working out. Instead of the regular hot and cold compress, therapeutic sleeves are more convenient to use since it still allows free movement even while you’re using it. You can still continue to go about with your daily tasks and have hot and cold therapy on the go.

Foam Rollers

If you’ve been lifting at the gym, your neck and lower back muscles need to recover a lot from all the tension it has gone through. Basically, it is really difficult to massage yourself and relive your back muscles from all the tension pain. A soft foam roller helps a lot in this situation. Simply lie down on it and gently roll it up and down on your back to decompress those muscles and reduce inflammation in those areas in a relaxing way.

Muscle Therapy Gun

Muscle therapy gun or a massage gun uses percussion therapy to stimulate the circulation, release deep tension, and warming up the affected area leading to faster muscle recovery after workout. Unlike regular massage tools, a muscle therapy gun pummels the tired muscles quickly instead of just kneading it. If you’re looking for a relaxing and soothing tool for post-workout recovery, a muscle therapy gun is one of the must-haves.

EMS Device

Electrical muscle stimulation devices or EMS are commonly used before for physical therapy and are only used by medical professionals. However, these days EMS devices are already available for use of regular people to treat their aching muscles after working out. Basically, this device works by mild electronic pulses to encourage the muscle to contract. It speeds up recovery by improving the oxygen flow into the muscles and improve the removal of toxins.

Pain Relieving Essential Oils

Lastly, if you’re looking for a quick relief from achy muscles after workout, pain relieving essential oils are the simplest solution. Apply the oil into the aching area to temporarily relieve body aches and pain after working out or exercising.

There’s no need to endure post-workout pain for a long time. Aside from getting enough rest, using those tools and items mentioned above can greatly relieve you from post-workout aches making your recovery faster and smoother. If you’re experiencing regular body pain after working out, those things can greatly help bring relief to all those discomforts and pain you’ve been feeling.