Proper Guidance to Website Testing

Website Testing
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This blog deals with what website testing is and how it will be beneficial to your business. Before we start let’s get through a quick concept of website testing.

After you have worked hard for your website and think that everything is alright, there still remain minute to major bugs or errors that must be completely eradicated. This process of bug removal is achieved by website testing performed by expert organizations.

The places where special attention is needed while performing website testing are:

  1. Proper functioning of the website.
  2. Proper usability of the website test.
  3. Security of the website.
  4. Compatibility with all devices.
  5. Performance check of the website and the application.

The reason behind building your website is to make your business grow digitally. This is only achieved if visitors visit your website regularly and hence target must be to bring more and more visitors to reach your website and know your business. More technically speaking your website must have proper traffic.

Let’s analyze some of the above-mentioned points one by one such that you can have a clear picture of website testing and why it is necessary for your business website.

1) Website function test.

In the website functioning test, there are several parameters that are thoroughly checked. Some of those parameters are testing of server, user interface testing, proper testing of database, and APIs. This method is very much efficient as it checks minute-to-minute details related to your website.

Website based testing activities consist of: –

  • Outgoing links from your website.
  • Links within your website.
  • Various anchor texts are relevant to your website.
  • Scripts to be checked thoroughly.
  • Whether default values are properly placed.
  • Proper readability experience of the forms used.
  • Testing of cookies, whether they are working properly or not.
  • Testing of HTML & CSS codes. These include syntax errors and various color schemes.
  • Following proper standards like OASIS, ECMA, ISO, etc.
  • Testing of business workflow.
Website Testing
Image Source: Pexel

2) Proper usability testing of the website.

Usability testing of the website means testing the website by using the web application in the real world. Here you will be able to obtain real reviews in real-time.

Usability testing can be achieved by: –

  • In-house testing of the web application by team members.
  • Obtaining real reviews from customers through the “Submit review form” or through telephonic call.

This customer-oriented review helps to know what customers actually want from your application. Whether they are satisfied or not by using your application.

3) Security of your website.

Another most important aspect of your website is testing the security of your website. Your website must be properly secured as there are many hackers around who can hack the private confidential data of your website.

Most importantly all your hard work will go into the vein as they can totally copy each and every aspect of your website.

If your website is not properly secured hackers can also damage you financially and can steal all your money.

Hope you liked our blog. Kindly continue to our next blog to continue with the topic of website testing and discuss the rest of the points.