The Ultimate Guide to Staging a Home – 5 Tips to Consider

Staging a Home
Image Source: Pexels

Staging a home is key if you want to sell it quicker. We’ve run through some of the best things to do. Why don’t you read ahead to learn more?

Neutral Walls

Change the paint on your walls. Although the interior looks good, there might be bright colours on the walls.  You need to help prospective buyers imagine themselves living in the home. They won’t be able to envision this with loud colours around them.

Don’t go for white paint instead. It’s boring. Paint the space in more neutral tones. They tend to make rooms look more modern too.

Clean the House

You don’t need any money for this – just get a vacuum and a cloth and go to town. Make sure the house is spotless before anyone walks in. A deep-clean a few days in advance is advised. You’ll be able to make note of all the spots and stains around the house.

Declutter the Space

Get rid of any excess furniture. They may be cluttering the interior. This makes it harder for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in it.

A lot of furniture in a small home doesn’t look good either. And you’d be making the interior look tinier, which would make buyers be not as interested in it.

Staging a Home
Image Source: Pexels

Clutter not only means furniture but any ornaments or pictures on the walls too. Many homeowners stack paintings together. This is not a good look.


How will you be arranging your furniture? You’re advised to go for a layout that would make the house bigger.

Try and choose a focal point. The best-looking items in the room would have to be placed around it. A good tip would be to not place anything against walls either.

Buy New Furniture

Let’s talk about furniture again. Don’t be afraid to buy some new items. The ones in your house may not be bringing out its features that well. Go for things that would make the space look more luxurious too. For example, a round large ottoman in a bedroom would make it hotel-like.

If the pieces in the home are very good-looking, buyers may want the house with them. This’ll let you sell the property for more.

Repair Any Fixes

Not only do you need to make note of any stains, but you should look for anything that may be broken. When someone walks in, and they see broken light fixtures or doorknobs, they would want to turn away. For one, if they buy the home, they would have to do the fixes themselves. And the broken things mean that more things around the house probably need to be fixed. If you see any kind of drain blockages then you to prevent drain blockage immediately.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, there is a myriad of things you should consider when staging a home. Staging is important, as it makes the property look more appealing for prospective buyers. The best thing to do is depersonalize the space. You’ll be helping whoever walks in imagine themselves living in the house.

Of course, declutter. You don’t want the interior to look smaller, do you?