Tips to Select A Life Coach

Life Coach
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Nowadays, it seems that every single third person on Instagram is a trainer of some kind. It can be extremely difficult to tell which life coaches are of high quality and which are just looking to make a buck. Furthermore, how do you know which coach is best for you? How do you decide who you can collaborate with to achieve your objectives?

These are commonly asked questions we hear from clients as they conduct research and look for the right fit. So, we felt the need to share our advice to help better understand the journey and find the perfect life coach for you.

Check to see if They Are right for you

Coaching is often associated with other similar fields such as mentoring or counselling. It is, however, somewhat distinctive, and each of these has distinct characteristics. Therapy focuses on the past, assisting you in understanding why you are the way you are. Coaching is far more forward-thinking. Your life coach would not delve deeply into your previous experiences.

There is always a self-awareness dimension, which helps you understand who you really are and why, but it is all with the goal of using the self-awareness in the future. “Okay, now that I understand these facts about myself, how can I develop methods and behaviours to help me move toward my goals in light of all I’ve learned?” When it comes to life coach Sydney has quite a few options you can look into.

Life Coach
Image Source: Pexels

Check to see if they have been thoroughly educated and trained

Coaching is founded on empirical evidence, and well-trained coaches use evidence-based counselling models in their practice. Coaches must go through an extensive training course in order to learn this study and these methods.

Unlike counselling, the coaching industry has so little accountability and supervision. To call yourself a psychiatrist, for instance, you must have a certain degree of experience and an official certification. Coaches are not subject to the same laws. Anyone, whether or not they have completed a coach training program, may call themselves a coach.

Inquire about their style of coaching 

Based on their character and experience, each life coach coaches in a unique way. Some coaches’ activities are very organized and coordinated, while others are more flexible and freer flowing. Some coaches are warmer and more welcoming, while others can be more confrontational and truly challenge you.

Knowing whether or not their style corresponds to your requirements will assist you in finding the best life coach for you. Ask your potential coach to explain their style, and then decide whether that is the form of support you require at this time in your life to reach your goals.

Meet with the Coach for a Consult

The majority of life coaches will have an initial assessment of you. This is a perfect way to see if the coach is a perfect match for both you and if their style matches what you’re looking for. Consider how confident and at ease you feel around them. Do you feel at ease when you’re around them?

Coaching helps you to explore and discover the entirety of who you are. However, this is only feasible if you feel relaxed and unjudged in your surroundings. If you don’t feel at ease being yourself with your mentor, chances are they won’t be able to help you become the best version of yourself. It’s fine if you don’t feel like you’re gelling.