Ways to Make Your Room Cosy for The Winter

Room Cosy
Image Source: Pexels

What is a better way to enjoy winter than curling up in your bed all day with a hot chocolate and a good movie? But for the ultimate winter experience, it takes a cosy and warm room with a fuzzy atmosphere. So, if you’re planning to create your warm winter hideaway, we have some easy ways to help you out.

Add warm colours to your room 

Colours play an important role in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. So, if you decide to paint your walls for the winter, go with warm colours. Besides, if you plan to buy any specific decors for your room for this winter, try to get them in warm colours as well. Even if you just have white walls, warm coloured decors can light your room with a warm ambiance. 

Go crazy with blankets and pillows

Let’s just accept it, we can never go wrong with too many pillows or blankets in winter. Make sure to pile up your bed with soft, fluffy, large chunky quilts and pillows. To give a neater look, first put the quilt or blanket on your bed and then layer the bed with pillows. This will make you want to jump into your bed to all that softness.

Warm up the floors

Winter is no fun with bare cold floors to step on, especially as the first thing in winter mornings. Talking about how to make a floor cosy, the answer is a fluffy, soft, and surely cosy sheepskin rug. Throw them next to your bed to step into when you get down from the bed. You can even put one under your room sofa or tables. 

Room Cosy
Image Source: Pexels

Use scented candles 

Nothing makes a space warm and cosy than a scented candle. Stepping into a room scented with smells of cinnamon, spice, and pine with the warmth of candles on a cold day is truly a delight. Place scented candles next to your bed table, studying table, or even around your bathtub.

There are plenty of scented candles easily available, choose one that best suits your taste. If you’re not into scented candles, just light up normal candles, it will still make your room cosy and warm. 

Turn Your Mattress

Mattress manufacturers recommend turning mattresses for every new season to make the bed fresher and cosier. They also say that practicing this helps with a good-night’s sleep. So, flip or rotate your mattress when winter is around the corner and add some new sheets as a part of your winter room makeover. 

Keep it minimal – less is more 

It’s easy for many of us to think that adding more things to your room can give that cosy appearance. But in truth, this only makes a room overwhelming and stuffed up with a stressful look. A cosy environment can only be lightened by a comfortable and calming atmosphere which is only possible through minimalization. So, take off or clear up any unnecessary, bulky kinds of stuff knocking to the walls or your bed. 

These are only some quick and easy ways on how you can turn your room cosy for winter. With a little bit of creativity and logical thinking, you surely can come up with your own ideas for a cosy winter room as well.