Why Do My Feet Hurt?

Image Source: Pexel

If it is at the end of a long day on your feet or when you wake up in the morning. There are times your this just aches for no particular reason… or so you think. Feet are an extremely important part of our bodies as they support our weight and are prone to a lot of pressure from walking to running.

Feet can hurt for many reasons. While some of them could be due to health conditions such as plantar fasciitis. They may also be because of the shoes you wear. Here are some shoe mistakes you’re making that could be the reason for your aching it.

Feet size

Over the years the size of this changes due to age. When we buy shoes, we buy shoes that fit the size of our feet. However, when we start using them, we realize how our toes cramp up or heels get cut due to them being too small. Taking special care when choosing a shoe size is vital. Practice walking around in them so you don’t get any surprises after you have bought them.

What are arches?

Many people who are unaware about this have something called archers. This is the line of tissue connecting the heel and toes. While some have overly arched feet and some have flat ones. Finding the correct type of shoes that provide support and comfort to the different feet is crucial. Long periods of time wearing the wrong shoes can be harmful to your feet.

Wrong shoes for the wrong job

Imagine waitressing in heels, how painful does that sound? Your footwear should match your style of work. Running around an office in a pair of stilettos looks professional but you can almost feel the pain your feet will be in when you take them off. Be considerate about your feet as it is responsible for much more than we think.

Image Source: Pexel

Home means going barefoot

Kicking off your shoes once you reach home is one of the most satisfying feelings. However, it is recommended to wear slippers instead of being barefoot. As continuous pressure of bare feet on hard surfaces can harm them. Wearing orthotic thongs support and provide comfort to this.

Fashion is greater than the purpose

Choosing workout or running shoes based on appearance is asking for trouble. When applying additional pressure to your feet when exercising or playing a sport it is important to wear shoes that provide cushioning to your arches, heels, and ankles. Although nowadays with the improvements in trends and styles choosing shoes that fit your personality and purpose is easier.

Sentimental value

Those shoes you got on discount in 2015, are so beat up now you can feel the ground when you walk, why do you still wear them? We attach experience with physical items so even though those sneakers were your friend back when you walked the entire city sightseeing, it may be time to get rid of them now.

End of the day your feet are doing a lot more than you give them credit for, hence choosing a pair of shoes to compliment the effort is your priority.